CG: Rape with a minor, accused arrested

Rajnandgaon. The details of the case are as follows: on 15.05.2024, the applicant came to the police station and filed a report that his minor daughter had left saying that she was going to Churia, but she did not return home. According to the report, crime number 112/2024 was registered in Churia police station under section 363 and was taken into consideration. In order of consideration, on 10.06.2024, the applicant appeared at the police station and said that there was a phone call from a number in which the victim is telling that the victim is in the rental house of Tedesara and is saying that the police superintendent Rajnandgaon has been charmed by the information to recover the abduction. After receiving instructions from Rajnandgaon Additional Superintendent of Police Rahul Dev Sharma and Dongargarh Police Sub-Divisional Officer Ashish Kunjam, police station in-charge Chhuriya Inspector Avneesh Kumar Srivas and receiving technical assistance from Cyber ​​Cell left with the police team and family members to reach Tedesara. A boy who was 21 years old in the rental house was injured. His name was not known. His father was Komal Borkar. He was 21 years old. He was a resident of Bhansula Ward. No. 08. थाना चुरिया लाया गाया अपहरुता की खाला 161 जा.फू A statement was made under which section 366, 376(2) (अ) section 6 of the POCSO Act was added to the case according to the statement of the accused. The accused was interrogated, and when the accused admitted to committing the crime, he was legally arrested on 10.06.2024 at 21:00. அக்கு க்குக்க்குக்குக்குக்குக்குக்குக்குக்குக்குக்க் 1432 द्वरिका कालारी, r. 460 Fulendra Rajput, R. 1662 Prakash Kurre, М0Р0 934 Kusum Ekka had a special contribution.

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