CG Rape: Father-in-law brutally assaults daughter-in-law, case registered

Korba. A case of rape of daughter-in-law has come to light in Korba district of Chhattisgarh. The accused father-in-law was sexually exploiting the daughter-in-law by threatening her in the name of exorcism. The police have arrested the accused father-in-law on the complaint of the daughter-in-law. The case is of Urga police station area. The daughter-in-law reached the police station with her mother and told her ordeal to the police. The victim says that since the marriage, her father-in-law had an evil eye on her. After marriage, she had two children. Family life was going well. But after this, the father-in-law started committing rape by threatening her forcefully. It is being told that the accused father-in-law is a Baiga and used to do exorcism. When his health deteriorated, he started treating the daughter-in-law with exorcism. After which, he raped her by threatening her under the guise of exorcism. After this, the father-in-law started harassing the daughter-in-law and raped her several times by threatening her. The woman informed her husband about this, but the husband too could not say anything against his father. After which the daughter-in-law went to her maternal home. The daughter-in-law reached Urga police station with her mother. A case was registered on the woman’s complaint and the accused was arrested, from where he was sent to jail. ASP UBS Chauhan said that the accused was committing rape by threatening in the name of exorcism. The accused has been arrested. Further action is being taken.

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