CG NEWS: 50 people affected by diarrhea, 3 in critical condition

Bilaspur bilaspur news. Diarrhea outbreak has spread in Ratanpur of the district. More than 50 people complained of vomiting and diarrhea due to bad water. After which they have been admitted to hospitals, in which 15 patients have been admitted to Ratanpur Hospital and 3 serious patients have been admitted to SIMS. Health department officials have visited Ratanpur on Sunday.

chhattisgarh news 50 people living in Mahamayapara of Ratanpur have been affected by diarrhea. Seeing the deteriorating condition, CMHO Dr. Prabhat Srivastava and DHO Dr. Vinod Tiwari visited the area. chhattisgarh

During this, the health department team surveyed the area and went door to door to check the health of the people. The health department distributed chlorine medicine in the houses. Along with this, the patients have been advised to take rest by giving anti-diarrheal and other medicines.

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