CG BREAKING: Snake bites two people, painful death

GPM. GPM. 2 people died due to snake bite in two different villages in GPM district of Chhattisgarh. Vijay Agariya and pregnant Roshni Bharia were sleeping at their respective homes at midnight, when they were bitten by a snake. One incident is from Bhaskura village of Gaurela police station area and the other is from Kudkai village of Pendra police station area. According to the information, after the snakebite, the family took both of them to Baiga for exorcism. After this, treatment was being done through herbs. When no relief was found, both were taken to the hospital. Where they died.

It is being told that Roshni Bharia, a resident of Kudkai of Pendra police station area, was 5 months pregnant. She and her unborn child also died due to snakebite. If they were taken to the hospital on time instead of exorcism, their lives could have been saved. Let us tell you that, incidents of snakebite occur in villages every year during the rainy season. But due to lack of awareness, the villagers delay treatment. Due to which they lose their lives. The administration needs to run awareness campaigns in villages every year and snake awareness programs through Sarp Mitra.

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