CG BREAKING: CSP formed a team and raided the gambling den

Raigarh. Raigarh. Under the leadership of City Superintendent of Police Akash Shukla, a joint police team of Police Station In-charge Jute Mill Inspector Mohan Bhardwaj and Police Station Kotwali, Jute Mill, Kotra Road, on the information of gambling near Garh Umaria old cement factory, cordoned off the area and raided. Where the police caught 08 gamblers gambling.

A total of ₹ 11,800 and 52 cards of cards, a plastic bag (bed) have been seized from their place and possession.

Action has been taken against the gamblers in Jute Mill Police Station under Section 3 of the Gambling Prohibition Act 2022. Along with this, separate preventive action has been taken under Section 170 BNSS on the act of the accused.

Names of arrested gamblers-

(1) Himanshu Sao father Surendra Sao age 24 years resident Malda Police Station Pusaur Raigarh.

(2) Deepak Kumar Soni father Kamal Kishore Soni age 36 years. Dhangardipa Police Station Kotwali Raigarh.

(3) Kamal Prasad father Sahamatram Sidar age 25 years resident of Kirodimal Nagar Police Station Kotra Road Raigarh.

4) Krishna Mishra father Sukhdev Mishra age 29 years resident of Vijaypur Police Station Chakradhar Nagar Raigarh.

(5) Anil Kumar Soni father late Raghunath Soni age 48 years resident of Baikundpur Kotwali Raigarh.

(6) Mohd. Ansari father Mohd. Mukhtar age 51 years resident of Durgapara Raigarh.

(7) Anil Devangan father Teejaram Devangan age 38 years resident of Chakghar Nagar Raigarh.

(8) Mohd. Shahzada father Mohd. Khadir age 34 years resident of Rajatalab Kotwali Raigarh.

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