CG Accident: Massive fire in a moving car, commotion

Durg. Durg. A moving Indica car caught fire in front of Dhamdha Naka FCI warehouse in Durg district. Seeing flames coming out of the car, all the people in it ran away. As soon as the information was received, the fire brigade team reached there and controlled the fire with great difficulty. The reason for the fire in the diesel-powered car is said to be overheating. The incident happened around 9 pm on Wednesday. Eyewitness Animesh Jaiswal told that he was going in his car from Durg to Dhamdha Naka. As soon as he reached near the FCI warehouse, he saw a car surrounded by flames. Many trucks were also parked near the car. The fire was so intense that it had engulfed a truck as well.

As soon as the information was received, the fire brigade reached the spot and started extinguishing the fire. The firefighters extinguished the car with water in time. If this fire had flared up more, it would have engulfed many trucks parked there. Thankfully, the fire in the truck from the car was minor and was extinguished immediately. This not only prevented a major mishap but also saved lives and property. The fire department said that the fire in the diesel-powered car must have been caused due to overheating. Due to the absence of coolant or water in the car, the engine got so hot that first smoke came out of it and then it caught fire. There were two to three people in the car when the fire broke out. All of them got down from the car and ran away. Police is trying to find out whose car it is.

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