Case registered against former MLA, forgery in revenue records

Bilaspur. Police have registered a case against 10 people including former Pali Tanakhar MLA Mohitram Kerketta and his son. It is alleged that Kerketta bought and sold the land registered in the name of Christian cemetery in Bilaspur by falsifying and conspiring in the revenue records. Following the court order, the Civil Line Police registered the case.

In fact, Mohit Ram, who became MLA after winning the elections in 2018, was made the Vice Chairman of the Chief Minister Infrastructure Upgradation and Development Authority and given the status of Minister of State. It is alleged that Mohitram, by misusing his position, had purchased about one acre of land registered in the name of the graveyard of Church of Christ Mission in India at Kududand in Bilaspur in the name of his son Shankar Kerketta.

The alleged officials of the organization made a deal of one acre of land with the then MLA Mohitram Kerketta and his son for Rs 99 lakh 22 thousand 500. The organization’s vehicle driver Arun Toppo was made a witness in this. The land sold is recorded as a Christian cemetery in the records of the institution. Apart from this, in the earlier judicial case also the land has been described as a cemetery. The complainant said that the cost of the land is around Rs 5 crore. Whose deal has also been done at the same price. In a mutual deal, the remaining money has been misappropriated by declaring the price of the land as Rs 99 lakh, whereas the members of the organization do not have the right to sell the cemetery land, nor does the buyer have the right to buy the cemetery land.

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