Broiler chicken price in the state reached above Rs 168 per kg

Kochi: The price of broiler chicken has increased to Rs 168 per kg and the price of meat to Rs 256 on Monday. The prices were set by the Broiler Coordination Committee (BCC), a group of organizations of farm owners and sellers in South India. There may be regional variation in prices.

The price of chicken has increased by Rs 35 within a month. In December 2023, the price of broiler chicken was less than Rs 100. In a few months the price has increased by 60-70 percent.

Prices have increased due to reduced chicken production due to extreme heat.
This month, due to extreme temperature rise, farmers have avoided raising chickens as they die due to the heat. Out of 1000 chicks, 40 percent die due to heatstroke. The availability of chicken has reduced in the states of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
Before summer, the price of a broiler chick was Rs 22, today the price has increased to around Rs 20. 58. Farm owners say that the price of this chick will be up to Rs 100. 114 when it is fully developed.

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