Bribery for PSC membership; Action will be taken on fraud, says CM without denying allegations

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan addressed allegations against a CPM leader accused of accepting bribes for PSC membership during a heated session in the Legislative Assembly. The opposition, citing recent news reports, raised concerns about corruption within the ruling party.

During the question-and-answer session, N Shamsuddin, speaking on behalf of M K Muneer, highlighted the issue: “The ruling party leader asked for a bribe of Rs 60 lakh to become a PSC member. Out of this, Rs 22 lakh was handed over to the leader and the party secretariat is investigating the incident. Similar allegations have surfaced before. What action will be taken on this allegation raised from Kozhikode?”The Chief Minister responded by emphasizing the integrity of the PSC in Kerala, stating, “The PSC proceeds according to the constitution, and there have been many attempts to discredit it, which is unfortunate. Nobody can say that the recruitment or appointment of PSC members is part of any kind of corruption. There are no deviant practices of any kind. Many scams are going on in the state. Ample action will be taken.”Meanwhile, more information has emerged against the CPM youth leader accused of extorting Rs 22 lakh by promising PSC membership. Reports indicate that CPM Kozhikode town area committee member Pramod Kottuli accepted the bribe. He is set to be removed from his positions in the CPM and CITU offices. Additionally, the CPM has appointed a four-member commission to investigate the allegations.A couple who are Homeo doctors have complained, alleging that Pramod took a bribe of Rs 22 lakh for PSC membership. The husband paid the money for his wife’s membership. Initially, Rs 20 lakh was transferred, followed by Rs 2 lakh for other expenses. Pramod promised PSC membership in exchange for Rs 60 lakh. After receiving the money, the promised membership did not materialize. Subsequently, the wife was offered a high position in the AYUSH Mission, which also did not materialize, prompting the complaint to the party leadership.

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