BJP Wants To Stop Mission Shakti In Odisha, Alleges Karthik Pandian

Bhubaneswar: The 5T Chairman Karthik Pandian has criticized BJP’s nine self-goals in a meeting held on Tuesday, said reports. Pandian said that, the people of Odisha do not want to drag Lord Jagannath and the temple into politics.

Leaders and Union Ministers coming from outside Odisha are insulting the Chief Minister and showing disrespect. This is what the people of Odisha do not like. The BJP has announced its intention to stop the Mission Shakti. If BJP comes to power, they will stop the mission. BJP has asked to stop Mission Shakti during elections the BJD strategist Karthik Pandian further said this.

Similarly, BJP has announced its intention to close BSKY and implement Ayushman Bharat Yojana. Ayushman Bharat is only for BPL families. But BSKY scheme is for everyone. 90 percent people of the state shall get benefits from this scheme if BJD is elected for the sixth term. He said that everyone will be included in the BSKY Naveen card.

Giving importance to the youth sector, Naveen government has arranged 5T schools, 5T colleges and youth budget. Nua-O and student scholarship schemes have been launched for 98 percent of children. The BJP is planning to stop it when there is nothing in BJP election manifesto for the youth.

The Chief Minister has formed SDC for the identification of tribals. SDCs have not been formed even though there are more tribals in the state where the dual engine is running. BJP will stop it if it comes to government. There will be no peace in a state with a double engine government. There is peace in Odisha now due to BJD. But the BJP has included many people involved in criminal activities. Pandian said in the press conference that the BJP is shocked after the BJD election manifesto talked about providing free electricity to people.

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