Bike stolen from unconscious youth, 5 thieves arrested

Dhamtari. Magarlod police has arrested 5 accused of bike theft within 48 hours. Applicant Radheshyam Dhruv had come to Janpad Panchayat Magarlod on his motorcycle deluxe number CG 05 AJ 9415. He had set out to go to his home village Palwadi at around 09:00 pm when suddenly feeling dizzy on the way, he parked his motorcycle on the roadside and slept. When he woke up at 05:00 in the morning, he saw that his motorcycle, Panchayat documents and mobile phone Jumla worth Rs 27000/- kept in the pocket of his pants were not there, some unknown thief had stolen them, on the report of the applicant, crime was registered on 10.05.24. Number 158/24 Section 379 IPC was established and taken into consideration.

During the investigation, on the basis of information collected and technical evidence, and interrogation of nearby people, the police team reached the suspects and identified suspects Devichand Jain, Ghanshyam Dhruv, Chumman Sahu, Sadiq Ali, and Dinesh for locating the motorcycle and the accused. Dhruv was strictly interrogated in which, based on his memorandum statement, he stated that the above accused had stolen and hidden the motor cycle, mobile and Panchayat documents; the motor cycle was obtained from accused Devichand Jain, the Panchayat documents were obtained from accused Ghanshyam Dhruv, the number of the motor cycle was obtained from accused Chumman. The plate and the trunk of the motorcycle and the unwritten number plate were recovered from the accused Sadiq Ali and the five accused were duly arrested and legal action was taken against the accused at Magarlod police station and sent on judicial remand.

(01) Devi Chand Jain Santosh Father Late. Nirmalchand Jain age 24 years Sakin Ward No. 14 Magarload

(02) Ghanshyam Dhruv Father Tikaram Dhruv Age 24 years Sakin Ward No. 13 Gandhi Chowk Magarlod

(03) Chumman Sahu father late. Dujram Sahu age 32 years Sakin ward no. 04 Magarload

(04.) Sadiq Ali Father Sahadat Ali Age 27 years Sakin Ward No. 10 mugloads

(05). Dinesh Dhruv father Tejram Dhruv age 20 years Sakin Baniyatora police station Magarlod

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