Bike riding miscreants brutally beat the young man, created ruckus in the police station

Balodabazar. An example of how high the morale of miscreants is in the district was seen today near Jai Stambh Chowk in Simga police station area. Here three youths were passing on the wrong side riding a motorcycle. Meanwhile, when a young man refused to do so, the miscreants beat him severely. After which the young man along with his family members and villagers lodged a complaint at Simga police station. According to the information, the name of the victim youth is Sukalu Dhruv who is a resident of Harinbhatta village of Simga. Today he was returning back to his village from Simga.

Meanwhile, three youths were traveling on a motorcycle on the wrong side near Jai Stambh Chowk. During this, when Sukalu forbade them from driving on the wrong side, all three got angry. After this, all three together beat Sukalu severely with belts, kicks and punches and fled from the spot. It is noteworthy that controlling the high spirits of miscreants in Simga police station area is now becoming a challenge for the police. These days incidents like theft and assault are increasing in the area, which clearly shows that they have no fear of the police at all. Now it has to be seen how much time will the police be able to catch the criminals in this case.

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