Assam woman trapped in human trafficking found in Haryana

Guwahati: A woman has been trapped in human trafficking in Raha of Nagaon district of Assam. This despicable act was allegedly committed under the guise of marriage. The victim, who is unnamed, was seduced by the traffickers. They made promises of marriage to her only to trap her in a dangerous web of exploitation.

Reports indicate that unidentified traffickers approached the victim’s family with a marriage proposal. He took advantage of the sensitivity of the situation. The family was persuaded and the woman was suddenly taken to Haryana. This incident occurred on March 14 of the current year.

Surprisingly, the family told that they have received Rs 3 lakh. It was a compromise for his daughter. He interpreted this amount as part of the marital agreement.

As soon as the victim’s family came to know of the grim reality, the days turned into sorrow. Their beloved daughter had become a pawn in a horrific human trafficking conspiracy. Upon realizing the cruel deception, he immediately informed the authorities.

Swift action was taken in response and a complaint was officially lodged with the police by the family. After this a thorough investigation was started immediately.

Law enforcement agencies actively pursued leads. He used every resource available. They managed to reveal the victim’s location as Haryana. Despite significant geographical distances, the officers’ commitment remained strong. He promised to save the victim from the strong grip of the malice of her captors.

The revelation of this human trafficking gang created a stir. It tapped into Raha’s close-knit community and expanded its reach. It throws serious light on the hidden dangers. These threats target vulnerable people, with a major focus on young women. This situation underlines the urgent need for powerful measures against such condemnable crimes.

The victim’s family and the surrounding society place their hopes and wishes on the speedy and safe return of the girl. Meanwhile, the authorities are continuing their vigilance and unwavering efforts for just compensation. His determination to dismantle the deadly human trafficking network is unrelenting.

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