Asifabad: Tiger active, villagers appealed not to go in the forest

Asifabad: Forest officials have urged people not to venture into the forest alone following tiger activity in the Kaghaznagar range. Kaghaznagar forest range officer Rama Devi has requested people living on the outskirts of the forest to not venture into the forest in view of tiger activity in the forests near Ankushpur, Nandiguda, Gondhi, Narlapur, Charigaon, Kosini, Regulaguda, Ootpalli and Vempalli villages. Forest officials also urged locals to immediately share any information related to tiger footprints and activity in the area. They requested villagers not to harm the wild cat. They warned that hunting wild animals is a punishable offence and said a tiger has come from neighbouring Maharashtra and has made the forests of Kaghaznagar its home for a long time. A one-and-a-half-year-old female cub and a six-year-old male tiger were found dead in the forests near Dharegaon village on January 6 and 8 respectively. The cause of death of the second tiger was believed to be poisoning, while the cause of death of the first tiger was said to be territorial fight.

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