Andhra Minister Swamy promises to resolve all issues in social welfare hostels

VIJAYAWADA: Minister for Social Welfare, Dola Sree Bala Veeranjaneya Swamy, assured the release of arrears for Welfare Hostels and pledged to fill faculty vacancies in the hostels.

On the third consecutive day of receiving public memorandums on Wednesday, leaders of the Students Federation of India (SFI) and members of the Social Welfare Residential Employees Federation submitted requests seeking resolution of several issues affecting students and teachers in residential hostels.

Members of the Social Welfare Residential Employees Federation informed Swamy that the previous government had not paid their salaries promptly. They highlighted the shortage of staff, which forced principals to serve as in-charges at multiple schools. In response, Swamy assured them that the vacancies would be filled and promised to restore the former glory of the hostels.

They urged him to increase the mess charges to reflect current rates, to provide sanitary napkins for female students in welfare hostels, and to conduct monthly medical camps in the hostels.

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