Accident CG: College student dies after being hit by vehicle

Jagdalpur. An unknown vehicle hit two college students riding a scooty in Jagdalpur. One died on the spot in the accident while the other is seriously injured. He has been referred to the capital for better treatment. The body of the deceased has been handed over to the family after post-mortem. Rudraksh Kumar Sahu (21), a resident of Kirandul in Dantewada district, lived at his aunt’s house in Jagdalpur. He was a second year student at Christ College in Jagdalpur. On Monday, he was going somewhere on Palli Road on a scooty with his friend Aditya. Meanwhile, an unknown vehicle hit him. Due to which both the students riding the scooty were thrown far away in the bushes.

In the morning, the people of the area saw both of them. In which one Rudraksh had died, the other Aditya was in an injured state. People immediately informed the police about this. The soldiers who reached the spot took the injured along with the body to the medical college. Where after giving first aid to the injured, he has been referred to the capital Raipur for better treatment. The postmortem of the dead body of Rudraksh was conducted.

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