6.94 lakh metric tonnes of wheat reached the markets after harvesting was almost over

Punjab: Till Monday evening, a total of 6.94 lakh metric tonnes of wheat crop has reached the mandis in the district. The arrival of crops from the fields has reduced considerably and today only 7,191 metric tonnes of the crop reached the markets here. Market officials said that as harvesting is almost over, the arrival of produce from the fields is decreasing.

Government agencies procured 6,168 MT on Monday, while private traders purchased 1,080 MT. Government agencies have procured a total of 6.39 lakh MT in the season, while private traders have procured a total of 54,365 MT.

District officials said there has also been a pace in lifting of the stock purchased from the mandis as only 39 per cent of the crop is yet to be lifted. Officials said that so far 4.32 lakh metric tonnes of stock has been lifted.
Meanwhile, farmers in rural areas have started preparing their fields for the next crop as they have also completed the work of preparing dry fodder for animals from the crop residues after harvesting the wheat crop.
District agriculture officials said that wheat harvesting has been 100 percent completed and at present only those farmers are bringing the crop who had not brought the crop from the fields due to some reason. He said that within the next few days, farmers will also start preparing nurseries for the paddy crop.

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