50 villagers suffer from diarrhea, one died

Kawardha. An elderly woman died due to diarrhea in Koylari village of Sahaspur Lohara block of the district, while more than 50 villagers are ill. It is being told that the health of the villagers has deteriorated due to drinking contaminated water from the well.

The residents of Bhatapara Ward 1 to 3 of the village have been most affected. According to the information received, the first case of diarrhea in the village came on May 6, where 4 members of the same family had vomiting and diarrhea. On the same day, 7 cases of diarrhea were reported. After this, patients started coming every day. The health department has set up a camp in the high school of the village, where sick people are being treated.

Bisahin Bai’s husband Amilal (60) was taken in critical condition to a private hospital in village Singhanpuri, where he died before reaching there. However, doctors say that Bisahin Bai was paralyzed for a long time. He did not die of diarrhea.

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