5 fraudsters who committed fraud worth lakhs arrested

Raigarh. Kapitpathra police, after conducting a meticulous and detailed investigation on the complaint of adulteration of soil and dust in the pellet bullets supplied in local plants, have arrested 02 truck drivers, vehicle owners, transporters and a scrap dealer involved in this illegal business, who have been booked by the police for the crime of fraud. Has produced him on remand and sent him to jail. Yesterday, HR Sanjeev Sahu of the local Scania Steels and Power Limited Company applied at Kapitpathra police station and filed a report that on 07th May, 48.890 metric tons of pellet pellet was loaded with driver Raju Kumar and vehicle number CG13L in vehicle number CG13D-9375 from MSP Steel and Power Limited, Jamgaon. In -7431, 51.080 metric tons of pellet pellet was sent by driver Prakash Yadav to Scania plant through Santoshi Road Lines, Jutmill Road, Raigarh. On May 8, both the vehicles were unloaded at the plant. When checked, the pellet bullets loaded in the vehicle were found to be mixed with soil and dust.

On the application, APC was registered against both the drivers at Kapitpathra police station. 129/2024 Section 407,420 IPC registered. On the direction of Superintendent of Police Divyang Kumar Patel, in the course of a detailed investigation of the case, the police station in-charge Capital Pathra Inspector Trinath Tripathi immediately traced and detained the absconding driver Raju Kumar and Prakash Yadav, who on being interrogated told that the vehicle was owned by Bipin Singh, With the connivance of transporter Dheeraj Singh and Scania plant’s lab assistant Saket Gupta, they brought the pellet pellet loaded in the truck near Dunsena Dhaba Chiraipani and met the dhaba operator Chhabi Sidar and took out 5-5 tonnes of pellet pellet Jumla 10 tonnes from both the vehicles and replaced it. After mixing soil and dust and equalizing the weight with a fork, they unloaded the vehicle at the plant and ran away. 10 tonnes of pellet bullets worth Rs 1,30,000 have been seized from the accused and sent on remand. Saket Gupta, lab assistant of the accused plant, is absconding. The police is actively searching for the accused.

Arrested accused-
(1) Raju Kumar Kahar, father, late Hari Kahar, age 36 years, resident of Hariganwa police station, Kandi district, Garhwa (Jharkhand).
(2) Omprakash Yadav, father Hare Ram Yadav, age 28 years, resident of Gidha police station, Dawat district, Rohtas (Bihar).
(3) Bipin Singh, father, late Raso Singh, age 49 years, resident of Kairakado police station, Khaira district, Jamui (Bihar).
(4) Dheeraj Singh, father Bipin Singh, age 25 years, resident of Kairakado police station, Khaira district, Jamui (Bihar).
(5) Chhabilal Sidar, father, late Jatak Ram Sidar, age 35 years, resident of Khairpur police station, Kotrarod district, Raigarh.

Under the direction of Superintendent of Police Divyang Kumar Patel and guidance of Additional SP Akash Markam and DSP Abhinav Upadhyay, police station in-charge Capital Path Inspector Trinath Tripathi, Assistant Sub Inspector Chandan Netam, Vijay Vijay Aqua, constable Balchand Rao, Dharmendra Singh were able to expose the game of adulteration. Has played an important role.

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