4 tigress cubs died

Raipur. Tigress Gauri, who was taken from Chhattisgarh to Jharkhand six years ago, crushed and killed her four cubs. The tigress killed her in Birsa Biological Park, about 15 km from Ranchi. It is being told that the children had gone very close to the mother, due to which all four lost their lives due to being crushed.

Let us tell you that tigress Gauri had given birth to four cubs around midnight on 10th May. It is being told that the tigress was also being monitored through CCTV. Even after this, such an incident is raising questions on the management. The management was aware of tigress Gauri’s delivery. After this, monitoring was also being done through CCTV cameras installed in the cage where she was. According to the Birsa Biological Park management, after birth all the newborns came very close to the mother. When the mother turned over, all the cubs got buried under her.

When the management came to know about this, the workers there went inside the cage and looked. The tigress was removed from the children. Three cubs had died there, while one cub was breathing, but by the time it could be taken care of, the fourth had also died.

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