4 employees of a liquor shop arrested in Raipur, theft of Rs 36 lakhs revealed

Raipur. Four employees working in a foreign liquor shop who stole lakhs of rupees in cash have been arrested. Amit Sharma filed a report in Khamtarai police station that his company employs people through placement in liquor shops,

that the company had employed Krishna Kumar Banjare, Saheb Lal Banjare, Manmohan Adil and Roshan Kannauje through placement in a foreign liquor shop located in Raobhata Transport Nagar under Khamtarai police station area. In which Roshan Kannauje was appointed as the main salesperson, Krishna Kumar Banjare and Saheb Lal Banjare were appointed as salespersons and Manmohan Adil worked as a guard in the liquor shop. On 28.05.2024, due to a person assaulting in the liquor shop, the above four persons, in collusion with the main seller and other people, with the intention of stealing money, came to the Khamtarai police station to report against the person and Saheb Lal, Krishna Kumar and Manmohan, all three together stole the liquor sales amount of Rs 36,76,120 kept inside the shop, which was for many days,

and took it away in a sack. The main seller Roshan Kannauje had deliberately left the key of the safe in the shop in connivance with those people and went away and when the guard Manmohan Adil gave information to the main seller over the phone, the main seller told the police that there has been a robbery in the liquor shop and some people are looting money by beating.

In this way, the above four persons, taking a consensus, stole the sales amount of the liquor shop in a planned manner, that on the report of the applicant, crime number 481/24 section 380, 34 IPC was registered against the accused in Khamtarai police station. The crime was registered and investigation was taken up. On the basis of evidence obtained by the team members, on strict interrogation of the employees working in the shop, Krishna Kumar Banjare, Saheblal Banjare, Manmohan Adil and Roshan Kannauje, the accused confessed to stealing the sales amount from the liquor shop by planning. On which the team members arrested the four accused and seized the stolen cash amount of Rs 33,57,650/- from their possession and took action against the accused.

  1. Krishna Kumar Banjare father Danduram Banjare age 34 years resident of village Panda Parswani police station Kharora Raipur.
  2. Saheblal Banjare father Bhagwat Banjare age 38 years resident of village Kurma police station Lavan district Balodabazar.
  3. Manmohan Adil father Shravan Adil age 25 years resident of village Mandar Nevdi police station Dharsiwa district Raipur.
  4. Roshan Kannauje father Khel Kumar Kannauje age 32 years village Cherkapur police station Palari district Baloda Bazar.

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