3 youths were kidnapped in Rajasthan

Rajasthan: Three youths were kidnapped at gunpoint from Ramnagariya police station area of ​​Jaipur. The criminals first beat the teenager with sticks, then put him in their car and fled. This incident reportedly took place on Saturday evening. Ramnagariya police station police and district special team blocked the city and after scanning the CCTV footage, rescued the youths from their clutches and arrested both the miscreants, people informed the police control room.

According to the police, investigation revealed that at around 11 pm on Saturday night, Tarun, Harsh and Himanshu were going towards Jagatpur in a car. Meanwhile, 7-8 youths came in another car and stopped the three. After falling, the attackers kidnapped the three youths at gunpoint. After the kidnapping, the three youths were taken to Nainwa village of Chaksu. The three youths were taken to a deserted place and beaten and a ransom of Rs 5 lakh each was demanded. The criminals called the victim’s family and demanded ransom.

According to DCP East Kavendra Singh Sagar, information was received through the police control room late Saturday evening that armed miscreants had kidnapped three youths near Lotus Villa Gate in Ramnagariya police station area. Through mobile location tracking, the police reached Nainwa village of Chaksu. The attackers fled after seeing the police. The police chased and arrested two intruders. The police have arrested the accused Rishabh Chaudhary and Vikram Singh and started interrogation. The three juvenile victims were freed from the clutches of the accused. The police also seized both the cars of the criminals.

The police blocked the Jaipur city and searched the CCTV footage around the incident spot. The miscreants kidnapped college students named Tarun, Harsh and Himanshu. After this, the police started searching for the criminals and finally succeeded in catching them and released the three youths from custody.

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