25 families troubled by the land owner, accused of breaking stones and causing gunpowder explosion

In village Tilkeja, a land owner got the place drilled and then put gunpowder in it and caused an explosion. This broke the sheet roofs of some nearby houses. The explosion has created an atmosphere of fear among the villagers.

It is being told that because of the presence of stones in the ground, it is being drilled and filled with gunpowder. Drilling work was done here for 15 days. On Wednesday, due to the explosion in a section, about 25 houses of the nearest settlement have been affected. Along with increasing anger among the local villagers, fear has also been created due to this incident. They have also raised objections to the house owner.

The villagers said that due to the explosion, the stone fell on the sheet roof and caused damage. The villagers said that permission should be taken from the administration and police before carrying out the explosion. Also, the explosion should be done as per the prescribed capacity, so that they do not have to suffer financial loss.

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