2 Youths Die As Train Dashes Against Them In Balasore

Soro: In a tragic incident, two youths lost their lives has a train dashed against them in Balasore district of Odisha, said reports on Tuesday. Such an incident took place near Dandharipur railway gate in Balasore district.

It is reported that two youths died in a collision with Puri-Howrah Express. However, the identity of the young men is yet to be confirmed. According to information available, two youths came on a bike late last night when the railway gate was closed.

Suddenly, one of the young men on the bike ran in front of the train. Meanwhile the other youth rushed to save him. However, the superfast express going from Puri to Howrah hit both of them.

As a result, both the bodies got cut. Locals saw the dismembered bodies of the young youths lying near the Dandharipur railway gate this morning. And informed the GRP. The GRP arrived and recovered the dead bodies and sent it for autopsy and is investigating into the incident.

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